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Bird of Prey That Hawk Can Eat Pigeon Its Still Alive

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Bird of Prey That Hawk Can Eat Pigeon Alive

How about Hawk. Bird of Prey That Hawk Can Eat Pigeon Its Still Alive? Hawk is the most killer bird It has sharp nail and long wing make them a king of birds of prey in the class.
In my video. I was found the hawk killing pigeon on a tree that looks alive before the hawk eating poor pigeon.
I was found the rare moment. In this cases when the pigeon is the quickest fly birds can catch by hawk too. Look at Wikipedia about more Goshawk information.
I take conclusion is the hawk faster fly then pigeon. Hawk typically slow run and spy-like ghost hawk hunting with ambushes prey technique but most of them hunting with a chase of prey.
On my video hawk quickly kill pigeon when It nails Pearce into the body to deep it makes run out more blood and can to Pearce stop of heart too. See more about Red Tail Hawk
Check this video for detail:
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