How to Feeding Berry to Baby White Headed Bull Bird

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white headed bull bird
white headed bull bird

How to Feeding Berry to Baby White Headed Bull Bird

Hi There! what about baby white headed bull bird? I ever hear about hummingbird and white headed bull bird is the king of fruits eater bird.

The bird I found on my yard that actually leave by their parent and hungry almost all day without any one give them some food, I make sure to pick them up to my home and decision to take care about and raise them until juvenile and release back to the wild.

Bird fruits eater like chicken is very easy to care and assist when it has baby intensity of want to eat and our hand have always ready to feeding them.
The white headed bull bird diet are banana, berry, papaya, and so on, the bird also like eat insect like dragonfly, grasshopper, and ants.
The baby of white headed bull bird usual adult about two months on that old It still juvenile for need assist if release back and I make sure to release them back when they are ready and have survive skill on the wild.

Check the video below about feeding little baby white headed bull bird

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