15 Most Beautiful Bird of Paradise in The World

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15 Most Beautiful Birds of Paradise

Bird of paradise is a very common term used to refer to the collection of tropical bird species which were endemic to the east of Australia, the eastern of Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. They are characteristic of the most beautiful plumage as well as incredible courtship rituals that are used to attract their mates. You can check 15 birds of paradise in the world below.

# The Greater Bird of Paradise

Although its appearance looks like a lesser bird, however, this bird comes from different species. This is the largest bird of parades that still exists today. The males have a green face and yellowish silver crown along with maroon plumage on his body. Then the females have maroon colors and are smaller than the males as well.

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# The Lesser Bird of Paradise


This lesser bird comes from the native of the northern New Guinea forest and nearby islands as well. the males have green emeralds on the throat and a pair of long tails and beautiful flank plumes in deep yellow on the base. The females are maroon-colored and slimmer than the males.

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